Monthly Archives: March, 2017

Pre-order for the paperback out January 2nd.

Today is book launch day for The Retreat: A Tale of Spiritual Awakening. Here’s what people are saying: “The Retreat is a colorful and winsome story that underscores howmuch contemplative practice is needed in our modern times.” ~Phileena Heuertz,author of Pilgrimage of a Soul: Contemplative Spirituality for the Active Lifeand Founding Partner, Gravity, a Center for Contemplative …

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Spiritual Practice: Reading Icons

  Review: Last time we talked about The Welcoming Prayer. It has been really good for me to practice this discipline. Since I’m not eating sugar or drinking wine, sitting with and welcoming my difficult feelings has been a daily activity. How has it gone for you? This is an ongoing series on trying different …

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Spiritual Practices: The Welcoming Prayer

  Last month I introduced you to the practice of having a Spiritual Director. I love having one and if you are wanting to go deeper with God,  I hope you will consider finding one for yourself.  If you’re wondering why we are doing these bi-monthly practices, see the note below. * Today I want …

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