Monthly Archives: July, 2015

The art of parenting adult children

Once I thought of writing a book about parenting adult children. I decided it would have one page in it. That page would have two words in large, boldfaced font, “Let Go.” Letting go is the hardest part of parenting adult children. Letting go of their decisions, their whereabouts, their lifestyle choices — so much …

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Navigating Climatic Culture Shifts

Rain in dry northern Nevada is unusual, averaging about seven inches of precipitation a year. Lately we’ve had these crazy monsoonal rains. They come hard and fast, with hail, wind and pounding rain, and last about an hour. They cause instant flooding here because we just don’t know how to absorb that kind of water. …

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My Small Drop in the Ocean of Battling Racial Inequality

You can’t turn on the news these days without being exposed to racial violence. Black men are gunned down and incarcerated at an alarming rate. Black churches are attacked with shooting and burning. I, as a white person, would like to believe that none of this is really happening because it’s not happening to me. …

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