Monthly Archives: May, 2015

Move Over Boomers: five reasons why I have hope for the future

Four years after writing my first blog, I still feel this way! Move over boomers! My husband and I recently decided to move into a small house near the university we’ve been renting to college students for the last twelve years. Being downwardly mobile sounded like a good idea at the time, but the reality …

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Are You too Sad to Sing?

Not too long ago I was feeling lethargic, sad, depressed…whatever you want to call it. I had no energy, no joy, and little interest in things outside of my immediate family. I was sharing my sad state with some wise women I know and one of them suggested that I was “in exile.” The image …

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Giving Grace to Your Enemies

I witnessed the most amazing thing the other day at the elementary school where I’m a counselor. It actually brought tears to my eyes. Two of the fourth grade boys were dragged into my room minutes before the bell rang. Their teacher said they’d been playing a game, and one got frustrated and started punching …

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