Monthly Archives: November, 2014

The Prodigal Son Returns

I thought I’d better end this series of when my son went missing two years ago with the good news story of when he came back!


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Ode to Depression

The last in the series from two years ago about the time when Micah was missing. There was a lot to learn there and I love sharing it even after two years, especially since it’s been a rough year and again I’m dealing with depression. I do think I’m getting better at it, continuing to …

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No one ever mentions MLK’s mama!

In my on-going reminiscence, here is another blog I wrote two falls ago while Micah was “on the lamb!” So, we found my son after a month’s absence. In his words he was having “The time of his life!” He’d first lived on the streets of NYC with the starving artists, and then joined the Occupy …

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A Grief Observed…Mine

Continuing to reminisce about how life was two years ago when Micah went missing. This is what I learned about grief. Having my son missing for almost a month now has been the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through. I think the next closest was having my daughter in Sri Lanka after the Tsunami in …

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