Amazing Fan Mail!

A bit ‘o news: I got the most amazing letter on my Facebook page the other day! I’ve never been moved to tears by a letter before but this one did it. This little Amber is quite an amazing kid! Spoiler Alert, she will tell you about all of my books. She knows more about them then I do. I LOVE this! Thank you Autumn.


“Hello Jacci! My name is Autumn.I am 9.I am a really BIG fan of your book’s!! I have all 3 of your books. I really love the books because they are interesting and i like the characters in them, and Riley and Mia are two wonderful and fascinating characters. I like that Mia and Riley have traveled all the way from their old and strict grandmothers place, all the way to Idaho and they found their other grandmother. Then Riley got to see her real father! What i like about the third book, is that she gets to be with her family and she gets treated respectfully. Unlike her strict grandma has treated her. and the books fascinate me, because i like that it actually tells you about Mia and Rileys adventure and their feelings and it tells you about their thoughts and it told you about how they looked it told you about how they lived and what was happening. Alot of interesting stuff, I feel i can relate to these books with me and my little sister. I like that each book comes with a Lesson. The lesson is that each person, no matter what happens, you can ALWAYS do something. Like in the first book, Mia and Riley traveled bravely so no matter how small you are, you can be brave. The lesson in the second one, is even when you are apart, your always with each other in the end, like when Riley and Mia were in separate schools. The third lesson is When you meet new people, you may be afraid in the beginning, but when you get more used to them, you can find out they can be really nice and really caring for you. like in the Third book when Riley and Mia visited their new family. I can not wait for the fourth book and see what adventure Mia and Riley will be doing next!

Sincerely your biggest fan,

Isn’t that the best letter ever!! I love it.



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