The Great Earthworm Rescue


I went on a walk at seven that morning because I was in Pasadena and it’s been heating up to a toasty 105 degrees during the day. On my way I saw a lowly earthworm making its way slowly across a broad sidewalk, and as I stepped over it I thought to myself, “That worm will be dead in an hour.” It was already hot out and the dried corpses of its kin littered the sidewalk.
I went on my way, but the plight of the sorrowful earthworm continued to plague me. So I decided that if the worm was still there on my return trip, I would move it. I know, color me ridiculous!
Sure enough my friend was waiting upon my return. Now, I’ve had my share of earthworm interactions when I was a kid. They were pretty placid creatures in my day, you’d pick them up and bait the hook; they didn’t protest much. But when I went to lift this particular worm off the sidewalk, it went ballistic, squirming and writhing until I was afraid to touch it.
However by now, I was committed to this little mission. I found a broad leaf and tried to maneuver the worm onto the leaf. The little bugger just didn’t want to go. By now, neighbors were starting to stare. I must have looked like a crazy woman. Finally, I got the reluctant worm onto the leaf and dropped it into a rich garden.
Then it dawned on me. I am very like that worm. I am happily headed in what I believe is a good direction for my life. I like my direction and I’m committed to it. God, however, has a bigger picture. He determines that it is better for me to be moved. I resist heartily! Kicking and screaming and gasping in sheer panic.
What I need to do is remember in whose hand I’m being held. He sees what is best for me and gently moves me out of harm’s way — into a life that is fuller and richer and deeper than the way I’m headed.
I am that worm, and honey…I need to relax and trust that God has my best interests at heart.


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