Monthly Archives: September, 2014

Amazing Fan Mail!

A bit ‘o news: I got the most amazing letter on my Facebook page the other day! I’ve never been moved to tears by a letter before but this one did it. This little Amber is quite an amazing kid! Spoiler Alert, she will tell you about all of my books. She knows more about them …

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The Great Earthworm Rescue

I went on a walk at seven that morning because I was in Pasadena and it’s been heating up to a toasty 105 degrees during the day. On my way I saw a lowly earthworm making its way slowly across a broad sidewalk, and as I stepped over it I thought to myself, “That worm …

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Are you drinking the Kool-Aid?

 I wrote this blog exactly a year ago. It remains one of my most popular! Enjoy!   I have a friend who was once a part of a very controlling church. When she thinks about it now, she shakes her head in wonder and says, “I was drinking the Kool-Aid!” For you youngins this is …

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